Social Responsibility


    We are extremely passionate about our company’s social responsibilities and believe it is our patriotic duty to leave a lasting difference by improving the lives of the various communities we work in, through job creation, training and transferring of skills.

  • 1. Girls Sanitary Packages for girls in High School
  • 2. Human settlement: House Donation
  • 3. Science week for learners in High School
  • 4. Work readiness programme/Apprentice
  • 5. In-service training
  • 6. Internship Programme

  • These efforts of evolving people, we believe, is a significant contribution to a greater call to combat the high unemployment rate of our country and continent at large.
    We also realise that much more effort needs to be done as a nation to alleviate the challenges we face today, and thus intend to identify more areas of concern that resonate with us as a company, that we hope to undertake in the near future.